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Randomly one day I went YouTubin’ and searched for all natural makeup and BAM this BABE shows up! I spent like 10 hours on her channel, literally! Not only is Emily a certified ORGANIC BABE, she is the AUTHOR of the life changing CELLULITE BUSTING BOOK, lives an ALL NATURAL lifestyle (including beauty products) and is cruelty free. Emily is a certified health and life-style coach, and eco entrepreneur. She is an advocate for a fresh organic diet abundant in fresh fruits and vegetables, superfoods and herbal medicines combined with an emotionally healing approach to revealing the gorgeous goddess within. With a life-long passion for health and fitness, Emily has developedwww.TheBeautyPlan.com, a portal for natural health and beauty. <–Side NOTE: Her book is a GAME CHANGER and makes a great gift for your sister, mom or BFF *

Introducing: Emily Chesher, The Green Goddess..

Courtney Bentley, Fitness Blogger Interviews Emily of the beauty plan

+What turned you on to natural living? When did you start making changes to your lifestyle?

I was fortunate to grow up with a family that has a healthy attitude towards food. I would spend much of my time as a child exploring in my grandparents garden. It was huge and packed with every fruit and vegetable your could imagine! I would sit in the big old peach trees munching away on peaches still warm from the sunshine.

Eating an abundance of fruits and vegetables was always encouraged, in fact we were encouraged to eat more and would often have eating competitions to see who could eat the most of my nanas amazing home grown beans or home made vegetable pasties. There were no rules or dogma around food, so this heathy carefree attitude towards eating has stayed with me for life. The result of this is that I have a body that trusts me and stays at a consistent weight with very little effort on my behalf.

+Your body is incredible what do you do to stay in bikini shape all year long? What is your Favorite workout?:

Thank you! You have an amazing body yourself! It really comes down to a living a balanced lifestyle. I have always maintained the same body weight, it never fluctuates above or below 4 kilos.  I attribute this to my body having total trust in me because I don’t do the whole yo yo diet thing so my metabolism is strong. I have witnessed so many women doing drastic water fasts and diets so their body is never sure when the next meal will be coming, so it hangs on to any fat for dear life as a way of self protection. When they do eat again they put on weight quickly and then panic and diet again and thus begins the vicious cycle.

While I don’t sweat it out at the gym every single day I do enjoy incidental exercise,  I aim to take the stairs over the lift, and I don’t have a car at the moment so I walk everywhere. When it comes to workouts, since I have been living in Berlin I have been spending more time inside because it gets so cold and dark so I have been really enjoying creating my own lounge room workouts. I utilize everything around me from the couch to the kitchen table. I also love having a bounce on my Bellicon rebounder for at least 5 minutes each day, it really gets the circulation and lymph moving and wakes me up ready to start the day. I have recently filmed my favourite at home workout and will be sharing it on youtube soon so stay tuned. <–Excited for this one!

Courtney Bentley, Fitness Blogger Interviews Emily of the beauty plan

+Your favorite go-to quick and easy recipe:

Smoothies are my favourite way of having a healthy delicious and quick meal. My favourite at the moment is 4 ripe bananas, half a cup of frozen raspberries, dash of cinnamon, 3 handfuls of baby spinach, 5 large pitted dates and a tablespoon of chia seeds blended up with 2 large glasses of spring water.

+Favorite Makeup Product:

I’m loving my new Kjaer Weis mascara! It’s totally natural and not tested on animals. It really lengthens and defines the lashes and stays in place, no smudging or flaking, and the icing on the cake is that it smells like roses 🙂 It is pricey however I have yet to find a natural mascara that even comes close to its quality.

+Favorite Hair Product (by the way I LOVE YOUR hair, Victoria Secret waves, length and ZAZOOM!)

I’m not really loyal to any particular hair care line, I’m still on the search for the holy grail. I always make sure that my shampoo is Sodium Lauryl Sulfate free as it is a known carcinogen and is irritating to the skin. At the moment I am using shampoo and conditioner from the Lavera range as they contain organic ingredients and are cruelty free. I know it’s disappointing to hear that I don’t have a secret weapon when it come sot healthy shiny hair, I just don’t want to recommend a product unless I am 100% convinced by it, and Im yet to find a product that is 100% natural that I really adore for hair care. To be honest I think my hair is so long thick and healthy because of what I DONT do it it more than what I use. I hardly ever use heat styling tools on it and I don’t over wash. I generally wash my hair every 3 days, and let the natural oils work their magic instead of stripping them away with constant washing. If my hair feels greasy in-between washing I make my own dry hair powder, you can find the recipe on my blog at Thebeautyplan.com. If you live in an area that has fluoride or chlorine I highly recommend investing in a shower filter as it really makes a difference to the shine and feel of the hair, not to mention the skin. My hair is feeling so beautiful and soft at the moment as the water here in Germany is quite pure and fresh compared to the water in Australia.

+Quick Beauty Tip:

If your skin is feeling out of balance or you have been over cleansing or scrubbing put some apple cider (make sure it’s raw and unpasteurized) on to a cotton pad and gently wipe it over your face. This works really well to bring the pH of the skin back in to balance as harsh cleansers and scrubs can disrupt the acid mantle resulting in flakes and breakouts.

Courtney Bentley, Fitness Blogger Interviews Emily of the beauty plan

+How do you unwind and relax?

I love to be out in nature, either walking through the bush or along the beach. If its cold outside then I love to stay in with a herbal tea and listen to relaxing music and have a bath with a few drops of lavender oil or I curl up on the lounge with with a cozy blanket and watch some youtube videos.

+What does your typical day look like?

My days are quite different when I’m living in Australia as I like to try to get to the beach or for a bush walk each day, however now that i’m living in Berlin it’s a more urban environment.

I wake up and drink some water with a squeeze of lemon, then I make a smoothie with plenty of ripe sweet fruit and some greens or a freshly squeezed juice. Then I check emails and reply to comments and messages on all my social networks. Next I write out my ‘to do’ list for the day and check items off as I go.

I’m working on a few new projects at the moment. I have a new book and a mobile app in the pipeline, so now that Cellulite Can Kiss My Butt has launched I can devote more time to them.

Throughout the day I snack on fresh fruit, dates and sultanas and have plenty of herbal teas, my favourite at the moment is licorice root, I love the sweet flavour and its nourishing to the adrenal glands, something I appreciate a little help with after all the rushing around with my recent book launch!

Lunch is normally a huge smoothie with plenty of ripe fruits and some greens, I will drink approximately 1 litre as I want to make sure Im feeling full and energized to get through the day. Alternatively I may have a large salad with anything and everything thrown in.

I like to take a break at about 3pm to go for a jog or walk in the park, if its raining I will go to the gym, though I prefer to be out in nature if the weather is nice.

I generally make a trip to the organic grocery store to stock up on fresh fruit and veg as we go through quite a bit in our smoothies each day.

Then I will organize and shoot a video for youtube and then spend an hour or two editing and I will write a blog post and work on some PR which is usually answering interview questions and giving health tips on blogs. Dinner really depends on the weather, now that its freezing cold at night I like to make a huge vegetable stew or soup, I love a spicy pumpkin soup with ginger and cayenne pepper, it’s so warming and delicious. In summer I tend to stick with raw foods.

My days are jam packed as there is always so much that needs to be done, however I’m blessed to be doing what I love so it never feels like a chore.

Fitness Blogger Courtney Bentley interviews Emily of the Beauty Plan

+Where is your favorite place to travel to? I see you have spent some time in Thailand, I currently live in Bangkok and go to the health spas weekly 😉 

I love traveling to warmer climates, I recently spent a month in Cesme, Turkey with my husband and it was absolute paradise! The water is crystal clear and aqua blue and the food was so fresh with plenty of fruit and vegetable dishes. My favorite travel destination is Port Lincoln, a little coastal town in South Australia where I grew up, it has some of the best beaches in the world, and you have the whole beach to yourself. I love going out in my dads boat and getting dropped off at little islands and exploring through the Sandhills and caves.

+Who inspires you and why?

Gosh, it would take at least 5 pages to list everything and everyone that inspires me! First and foremost, I’m inspired by nature, it never ceases to blow me away by its beauty. I always make sure I stop to smell the flowers and to look up at the trees and the stars and moon, it’s so easy just to take it all for granted and walk past it all in a rush, so its nice to come back to centre and take a deep breath and to really see whats around us. When it comes to people, anyone who has stood up for others and acted out of kindness and compassion inspires me. For example Lyn White from Animals Australia blows me away by her fearlessness, she has put her life at risk a number of times by going undercover to film what really goes on in abattoirs and in the meat industry in general, she has opened up the eyes of so many and truly is a voice for the voiceless and is having a massive impact on the way that we view and treat animals.

This book is the reads…

Get Rid of Cellulite Book

You can check Emily and The Beauty Plan out on YouTube + do NOT forget to pick up her book + get RID of CELLULITE for Good <3

SO I wanna know..

  • Who has ACV out and ready to put on your face?
  • I am half way through her Cellulite Can Kiss My Butt Book and I have been implementing certain tricks she suggest and let me tell you the sides of my legs are starting to look much firmer <—best book ever, SERIOUSLY!




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