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With my days becoming gloomier and gloomier, I am searching for small hints of happiness and ways to have a “gratitude is my attitude” moments throughout my day. Rainy days call for lots of reflection, TV watching, hate to admit this but at least I watch the History Channel (slight obsession for American Pickers) and exploring what Bangkok has to offer that is not outdoors.


In these dreary days, I have to practice my affirmations in order to feel a sense of happiness. Me and gloom are not friends, in fact we are worst enemies. Not only does the rain make me want to lye in bed all day, it messes with my hair, makes my skin break out and blotches my tan. <–NO BUENO RAIN

I sure do miss the sunshine and beachy weather of SoCal..

laguna beach sunrise

In light of it all, at least I am in another country and I am grateful to explore its beauty even in the rain.

Affirmation for Happiness

I swear, my life, attitude and mindset changed the minute I started implementing affirmations into my life. One of the biggest lessons I teach my clients and Star in Ten Gals is the power of a simple affirmation. It literally can switch that negative attitude to a positive one in a few minutes. Skip the other gunk, replace “food happiness” with a simple statement that you repeat over and over again.

Most of us find happiness in food and/or drugs, I myself have tapped with both and thought that a Wendy’s frosty after a shitty day would turn it around, when in reality it made me happy for about 10 minutes. An affirmation may not solve your problem, but the fact is it will change your attitude about the problem. There are always two ways to look at any + every situation. Those days are far behind me, food/drugs do not make me happy, I make myself happy by turning around my thought process and clearing my head the best I can of all negativity. I affirm the power NOW and not later on in the day but for that exact MOMENT, I change my view.


The next time you feel a bad thought or notion taking over your brain, get outdoors and experience nature and write down a positive affirmation. The easiest way to create your own affirmations is by taking that negative though i.e. “I am not good enough to present this idea to my boss” and flipping it to “I am good enough to present this idea to my boss and he/she will like it.” Another instance would be, “I feel fat today and want to eat cake,” flip this to “I feel hot and sexy today and want to make healthy choices all day.” Sounds corny when I write it out, but I can promise you that once you get over the “corny” factor, affirmations will be your new life long friend.

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So I Wanna Know…

  • What makes YOU happy?
  • What is ONE food free way to add a dose of happiness to your life?


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