Hi Star,

With all the media attention on body types, being skinny-thin, fitness-strong and having that “perfect body,” I wanted to raise attention over here on the blog. Star Systemz is a positive place, a place where all women (<–sorry dudes) are welcome no matter where they are fitness wise or what there personal goals are.

Fitness Affirmation

The first questions I ask when working with a client is “What are your goals in working with me?” I ask this because not everyone wants my body and not just anyone can have my body shape, I was born with slender shoulders and tiny bones, no behind, thick legs and not a lot of waist. BTW, I do not sell MY BODY, I sell a lifestyle.

Courtney Bentley

People have opinions on my body shape and type, I get “you are too skinny,” “you sell yourself as fit, you look 10,” and “wow how do I get small and THIN like you.” All the WRONG approach, a negative attitude is never healthy.

Yes, I am a fitness professional, yes I workout, eat right and maintain balance in my life. I have been getting attacked by people for years about my body shape. I used to be a ballerina where body shape and size matters and is a make it or break it quality. Because of this high standard, I had a bit of an eating disorder and a messed up idea of what my ideal body should be, where I should and should not have fat and what part of my body needed a “tone up.” NONSENSE!

fitness affirmation for weight loss

Now that I have been through the ringer in life, I can clearly see where I am comfortable, where I want to be and where I can be. I know my weaknesses, I know where my body can be when I eat right and lift heavy and DEFINITELY know how my jeans will fit when I start eating junk food and having too many boozy nights out. Not everyone wants to be a fitness model and not everyone wants to be stick thin, and that is OK. I know my body will never be a 5’7, big booty, slender stilt legged Victoria Secret model because HELLO I am 5’2 with not a lot of junk in the trunk.

Fitness Affirmation

So this week, I want you to Embrace your body, love your body and WORSHIP your body. The amount of pressure, stress and toxic foods/environment  you place on yourself daily weighs on your body, mind and soul. Everyday I log onto the internet and every time I check my social media feed it is filled with FITSPO, THINSPO and WHATEVERSPO of bodies that are motivating yet unattainable if you don’t put in the DEDICATED many HOURS of work and sacrafice that goes into having that FITSPO body. Plus, I hope the gal that is your ultimate inspiration has a similar body type to yourself and is not AIRBRUSHED the heck out of.

SO I wanna know…

  • Are your goals out of whack? Do you feel the fitspo pressuring you more than motivating you?
  • Who is your “INSPO?”




Star Systemz