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I have a confession to make. I have been eating out A LOT! I mean almost every meal some days, the reason is going to the store in the rain is not possible. It is, but I really do not feel like walking a mile in the rain and hauling my groceries back in the rain so I have been avoiding grocery trips like the plague.


I have been ordering foods in the manner of what I would normally make for myself, egg whites, fruits, vegetables and proteins with the occasional sorbet of course and when I order I always emphasize the “little oil cook light dairy free” ordering I always do. Back in LA, I made it a point to make sure where I ate used GMO free oil, organic produce when possible and of course grass-fed, free-range meats. Here in Bangkok, that is a little difficult as from my experience the Thai’s do not truly care about this, all that matters is there is enough food on the table to feed oneself. Guilty, I sometimes feel like a spoiled expat when I start demanding that my food be cooked dairy free, gluten free and with GMO free oil, so I stopped asking.

Courtney Bentley, fitness blogger

The result was a broken out face, negative energy, quick weight gain, insomnia and no energy in the gym.

I believe that food effects all of that in human beings. I ate a highly processed, fast-food diet growing up and with that I had bad acne, thin hair, nails and a high rate of depression not to mention I got my cycle at 9 years old before I even knew what a period was. This was all due to drinking highly processed, hormone filled milk along with McDonald’s cheeseburgers, french fries, Lunchables and sugar filled candy. Naturally becoming a vegan in 2008,  opened my mind to new possibilities. With hours of researching, I learned how nutrition and foods had a life changing effect on the body. After cleaning out 19 years of chemicals, I learned how much more my body thrived off of REAL CLEAN nutrients. Long story, short I started to eat meat again in 2011. On and off with natural and organic foods, this March I was laying in bed and found Food Matters on Netflix. This movie changed my life. Period, End of Story. If you have yet to watch it, please do, it will educate you on the health benefits of eating an organic, all natural diet.

healthy eating in bangkok

My body, mind and soul were all thriving on my new way of life. We moved to Bangkok, and from what I was told I would be surrounded by fresh fruits, vegetables, meats and an abundance of herbs, spices and teas. What I have learned is that most, not all, the food is covered in some form of Pesticide, Chemical or is Genetically Modified (GMO), covered in GMO oil, meat can be a mix of who know’s what and MSG is the ultimate flavoring agent. This was depressing, and from what I could see in my body, skin hair and nails it was showing. My skin started breaking out, larger pores are accumulating, my hair is frizzier dry and brittle, the only thing still standing is my nails although my cuticles are a bit of a mess. My plan is to work on eating an all organic diet again, I miss that energy, my clear skin and my healthy gut.

Courtney Bentley, fitness blogger, health blogger, and diet blogger talks skinny tips and tricks for weight loss.


SIDE NOTE: Now most of you may not relate to this post, but I want you to see that seeking out GMO free, natural and organic foods whenever traveling is essential to your health. It only takes a few google search terms like “how to eat organic in X city”, “msg free restaurants in X” and eating healthy in X city. Traveling will open your mind to new tastes, sounds, sights and smells but do not let your adventure wreak havoc on your health.

With my new plan in hand I have done even more research to find brands, companies and grocery stores that regularly carry Organic, Natural, Non-GMO foods:

CSA Munching Box: For 2,000 BAHT for four weeks (1x a week) you can have a mix of ORGANIC produce delivered right to your front door. Check out my first weeks box here.

Organic food in bangkok

The Star in Ten Bangkok: With all of the amazing feedback from my Star in Ten girls, I had to recreate a version for my Bangkok Babes. I made a slight few changes and tested the waters for 5 days and can already see a difference in the tightness around my tummy, thighs and my skin is starting to clear up. To get more information check out http://www.stardietplan.com but be sure to buy it here because this is the official Bangkok Version 🙂

  • Star in Ten Bangkok, Thailand: Add to Cart


Sunshine Market: Sunshine Market sells an array of products from Noni Juice to Chia Seeds, Sunshine Market is an essential stop for those who enjoy a superfood boost or five. After not being able to find Coconut Flour after several visits to every Villa Market, Sunshine Market saved me and my tradition of pancake Sunday’s.

Radiance Whole Foods: Like Sunshine Market, Radiance Market carries many variations of super foods, organic produce and gluten free products. Radiance also carries organic, home produced skin care and home cleaning supplies. If you are an organic consumer than having an organically clean home and bathroom counter is also important.

Villa Market + Gourmet Market: Although quite pricey, Villa + Gourmet Market both carry Organic produce and foods like Flax Seeds, Kamut, Quinoa, Broccoli Sprouts and Legumes. They both also carry S PURE which I have found is the cleanest readily available meat. If you are looking for organic Australian Grass Fed Beefs, they also carry mass amounts of course at a pretty penny. Villa Market also carries Seventh Generation and Mrs. Meyers Cleaning products which are chemical free and all natural cleaning brands who cater to those of us who do not like a chemically cleaned home.

Yogi-Dairy: Searching high and low for REAL Greek Yogurt was a bit of a pain. That is until I ventured out to K Village Farmers Market and spoke to Chris of Yogi-Dairy. Yogi-Dairy farms there own cows, runs a dairy mill and packages without automation. There yogurt is unique in that it is the perfect thickness and you can truly taste the quality and love Yogi-Dairy emphasis with their products. I also love the fact that they deliver right to your door when you place a 500 Baht order, which is easy to do when your husband goes through 2 containers a week and I myself join him with another two. <–ADDICTED


I am constantly keeping my eyes peeled and my ears open to know of anymore great finds so stay tuned as I plan to a tour of each of the above (YouTube Channel here)

SO I wanna know..

  • Are you cautious of restaurants and stores in your area that serve Non-GMO, chemically enhanced and processed foods?
  • Do you feel that eating an all organic and natural diet can radically change your health?




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