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Much going on over in these parts, I leave for a 7 day Phuket vacation on Sunday, attended a Breast Cancer Awareness Workshop hosted by publication The Expat Ladies in Bangkok, which I am now a contributor for and I launched my official 10 Day Meal Plan <–Check that out HERE. I can say Bangkok is becoming more like home every week and since changing my attitude about being away from family and friends, my social life and work life have become that much more invigorating.

Workshop with new friends:


My second bootcamp:

Bangkok Babes Bootcamp

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Fun Grocery Haul, Organic Living in Thailand:

Grocery Haul for Healthy Eating Organic living in Bangkok

with Video of COURSE:

With all this good news there is always the addition of BAD news. I guess you could say my Fertility journey has come to a close for now, the hubs and I decided that since the only way we can get pregnant is through IVF and we can plan it a bit, although I know nothing is for certain, we think that the universe may be sending us a sign. If you have read about my fertility journey (read more here + here), you know I have been having trouble getting pregnant, I went as far as to see a Chinese Herbalist and drank nasty tea two times a day. I knew there was something going wrong inside of myself, I believe that as a woman I just have a sixth sense, I know when sh*t is about to hit the fan, I know I am going to get sick before the flu comes about and I always know my life is going to take a turn for better or for worse, so when I got that feeling I went with my gut instinct and choose to find a specialist in this matter.

Bangkok International Hostpital

Through blood tests, a CT scan (<–yah that serious) and an amazing international Dr I found out I have a pituitary gland disorder. My incredible Dr. is still running tests and we are still trying to get to the bottom of everything, but this is why I am unable to get pregnant without the help of modern science.

Chinese Herbs for Fertility

This was hard for me to swallow, I could not believe it, me, a health nut, fitness freak and over all happy person has a health issue. Life is unpredictable, and will throw you some crazy opportunities and slam you with events that make you wonder “Why Me?” Instead of crying and panicking, I decided to take it as a blessing. I am grateful to live in a modern time, a period of time where medical science has granted me with an opportunity to get prego, a time where an educated Dr can discover what is going on inside of me and a time where it is not uncommon to have IVF done.

So back to fitness freak I go, I missed my hard core workouts and HIIT training! Now that I have committed to this decision, I started my Star in 10 Diet Plan and am already seeing my abs poke through a bit..WAHOO!

How I lost INCHES off of my waist in 10 DAYS!

 SO I wanna know..

  • Do you have a sixth sense? Was there a time in you had a gut experience and were correct?
  • What are your thoughts on modern science?




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