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October is here and I can not be more excited to share with you a new series I will be filming once a month featuring all my favorite things! I love filming YouTube videos so if you want more action check out my YouTube Channel Star Systemz Channel by clicking here or searching for Star Systemz Channel in your YouTube browser.

October Favorites

So onward with the favorites..

Favorite Makeup Item:


I LOVE makeup, I wear it daily and I think I am the only gal left in Bangkok who chalks her face full of makeup even on a rainy day. I am not an artist, and can say I have spent many years learning how to put on my face and still I feel I need work. What matter most to me is what I do put on my face and it always the best I can find in terms of natural and cruelty free products. Josie Maran is known for her line of Argan Oils, but I can promise you her eyeshadows ROCK!

vegan eyeshadow

To get more information CLICK HERE <—$42.00 for 8 Shadows that are Organic, Cruelty Free, Natural Ingredients, Paraben Free and of course Recyclable.

Favorite Hair Product:


Ok so some of you may already know this but those blonde locks are not MINE. I wear clip in hair extensions EVERY DAY, YES I clip in my hair EVERYDAY and if you have had the pleasure of clipping in your hair everyday, you know what a pain in the behind it is. I am trying SO hard to grow out my hair! I used to use Nioxin, which was working but like I said in the video it left my head ITCHY and with red spots all over it, so not cute.


I was not using anything due to avoiding chemically enhanced products like the plague. That is until I discovered Aveda’s Invanti Line. This product line is new and is quoted as “Nature’s Solution for Thinning Hair.” I have seen a noticeable difference in my hair length and thickness overall. The Activate with Invanti: Scalp Revitalizer is a MUST for those of you who want to grow out your hair or who naturally have thin hair like myself. The best part about the Revitalizer is it does not leave sticky residue, stink or mess with your dry shampoo which is a total BONUS! Although I have seen quicker results using the three part system, The Exfoliate with Invanti Shampoo and Thicken with Invanti Conditioner are not completely necessary as I saw results before combining all three products in the system.


For a FREE sample click HERE. The total line costs $114.00 USD and lasts about 45 days if you do not wash your hair daily. To learn more click here.

Favorite Book:

This book has seriously changed my attitude and mood during stressful times. A going away gift from my gal pal Anna (<–Check out her Tube here), I started to read it on the plane on the way over here. What I LOVE about this book is Gretchen,the author, explores new ideas, activities and discovers what truly makes her smile. Like I said in my video, her way of “happiness” is not overwhelmingly radical like most self-help books so before you roll your eyes, take a peak here and learn why this book should be included in your arsenal of fav books.

The Happiness Project by: Gretchen Rubin

The Happiness ProjectFavorite Tea:

Bring on the Miami heat, Florida flamingos and high wedges, cause this gal is dreaming of hot Miami nights. Sipping on this tea has its benefits, I avoid desserts after dinner and my sugar cravings are obsolete. I LOVE my tea and am so happy I have found TWG. TWG has over 1,500 (maybe even more) loose leaf teas to pick from you are sure to find a fav tea. Founded in Singapore, TWG believes in toying with taste buds with natural, finely harvested tea leaves. With combinations like New Love, Weekend Bombay, Silver Moon Tea and many more quirky names you are sure to find a new obsession!


I adore Pink Flamingo Tea Loose Leaf! Prices VARY. Check out TWG by clicking here.

Favorite Playlist:

O yah and now for the kickass playlist..

Cardio Playlist

To download this awesome shake your booty playlist click HERE or visit http://playlists.net/cardio-playlist <–Britney Spears: BETTER WORK BITCH included <3

SO I wanna know…

  • What is your favorite product or food this month?
  • What are you going to be for Halloween?
  • What is this month’s theme song?




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