Hi Star,

Do you accept who you are?  Do you possess values and morals? Do you have set beliefs? I am not trying to get all praise-y here, just honestly ask yourself these questions.

Acceptance: Motivational Affirmation: Motivational AfffirmationBack in the day, I thought I knew who I was. I thought I enjoyed going to night clubs every night, I thought I loved cheese pizza after a night of boozing and I thought I had some great friends who did not support me and were negatives in my life. courtstarrrr The funny thing is every time I was participating in these activities, I always wished I was somewhere else. Late at night at the club, I would look around at everyone and say to myself Is this me? In turn, I believe I wanted to be accepted by anyone and everyone, I wanted to bend over backwards kiss people’s asses and be someone I was not. Falling in love with my husband changed all of that. Of course, him and I enjoy going out every once in awhile,twice this past weekend, but we truly enjoy staying home and being with each other. I never thought of myself as a homebody, I truly am happiest when I am at home. I love having friends and family over and cooking meals, I love tasting new foods and restaurants hunting and I adore going to guests homes for parties. But the largest characteristic that changed within myself, was that I started to accept that this was the new me, the better me and the more adult me. I was hesitant at first, I mean being 21 (at the time) I questioned this, was I not supposed to be wanting to PARTY every night, waking up hungover and struggling to keep my eyes open in class the next day? Was I really enjoying vegetables, green juices and cooking my meals? Am I really ready to grow up? These are all questions I asked myself in my journals and during meditations.

courtney bentley That year, I had literally done a 180, I went from hangovers in the morning, to jogging and morning meditations, Del Taco and McDonald’s to veggie juices and tofu stir-fry, and hanging out with club goers, party girls to adults who had successful careers, aspirations and goals. I stopped surrounding myself with people who laughed at me for drinking “puke tasting greens” or who said I was wasting time creating vision boards of goals that I would never achieve. I let go of those who did not support me, have my back through tough times, I said goodbye to those who tried to pull me away from my desires,goals and happiness. Most of all I accepted all of this. I stopped caring what others thought of me, my thoughts on this now are if you like me you like me, if you don’t, you don’t. Healthy Low Calorie Brownies Today, I want you to ask yourself, “do the people who surround me accept me for who I am?” Do they help me grow and encourage my dreams? Do I accept who I am? Side note: The five people you surround yourself with most, are the biggest influencers on your life, your career, your love life and mannerisms..

SO I wanna know..

  • When did you do a flip into a healthier lifestyle?
  • Do you accept who you have become or do you fight the urge to be who others want you to be?




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