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This weekend I had the opportunity to talk to some gals about fitness. I have been surveying the masses, as I am hosting a bootcamp October 20th and 27th in Bangkok! I have been gathering data to find out what makes fitness fun or what type of goals ladies of South East Asia have. I do this because every country I have visited, the idea of getting fit had a different definition. In the states, I feel that “Strong is the new Skinny” so lift as much as you can is the trend while here in Asia I feel that it is to be on a diet and be waif-like with lots of walking/running. Whatever body type you desire, there are different ways you would exercise in order to achieve each goal. Every-BODY is different but you can re-shape your body with eating habits and using the right exercises to reach your goals. For example, I have no booty, no lady in my family has a booty and I was not graced with a rump so squatting heavy is my way to reshape my backside.

I am so excited to get my bootcamps rolling out here and have even come up with a name for my gals, “The Bangkok Babes.”

Bangkok Bootcamps

I am so excited to get back into doing what I love and am so grateful to have so much support already! My goal is to get a nice community of gals together every Sunday for bootcamp and maybe even have a healthy outing once a month for fun!

Speaking of fun, working out should be fun, you should enjoy the session and you should feel AWESOME after the fact. The ladies I spoke with this weekend had not experienced what it was to have fun while working out, most saying that working out was BORING or are confused when entering a gym so giving up is the only option. I am a FIRM believer in finding a workout regime that does it for you, whether it be zumba dancing a few times a week or lifting heavy weights every day, there really is no ONE way to get fit. Without enjoyment of being active, you will eventually stop doing it and staying active in anyway possible is a key factor when it comes to living a healthy lifestyle.

Fitness AffirmationTo get you started on getting fit, say this affirmation 10-20 times a day, start attracting fitness into your life and know that if you really want something you will make it a priority aka your HEALTH.

I have a whole mess of workouts for you to do at home, at the gym or with minimal equipment. Some of my favorites include:

I also have a YouTube Channel with loads of workouts to try out at home!


So I wanna know.. 

  • What is your favorite activity or way to stay active?
  • Are you a bootcamp kind of gal or do you enjoy working out alone?



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