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This week has been a bit of a blur, I took this week to reassess myself + my time here in Bangkok and look at it with a different set of eyes. I was stressing myself out, trying to do fifteen things at once because that is what I do, I start to pile on the stresses to ignore my confused, worried and homesick feelings. Now that I have sat with myself + used some mood shifters (read about those here) I was able to gather my thoughts and pick my ADD mind apart. I let myself pour out in a journal, re-read my entries and was able to write out a game plan. Sometimes having a plan is the biggest stress release, even if you know that plan is not set in stone, at least you know what you are aiming for.

I also had let go of some other future plans I was working on. With my plans to get pregnant, kind of being diluted with our move here, I wanted to get back to it and take charge. Before leaving LA, I paid a visit to the best gynecologist in the world, Dr Geller, (read my journey here + here) who suggested I try Eastern medicine to push things along. After gaining ten lbs. +  gaining some body fat I was getting frustrated  with the fact I was still not prego. I had let go of my hard work in the gym to have a little one and like most people I have no patience. My gyno suggested IVF if I really wanted it NOW NOW, but I am only 25 + I loved the idea of testing out Eastern medicine while in Bangkok. I knew that once I moved here I would take full advantage of the culture! If you know me at all, you know the VERY first thing I found was a hairstylist. There are two reasons #1, I am not a real blonde (SHOCKER) and need my brown roots touched up + #2, a hair stylist knows the community and is stuck with me for at least two hours asking 500 questions about my new home. My go to gal is Pam at Anderson Salon , who specializes in Western Hair, is the sweetest, has helped me get going out here in Bangkok and referred me to this Chinese Dr.

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To tell you how to get to my new miracle worker,  would be quite difficult. The location was above a pet food supplier off a main street that you have to take a ferry to get to a point, then a taxi etc. If you live in Bangkok, I will take you, promise.

Anyways, I walked in and sat in a nice air conditioned room and started confessing my problems to a man in the waiting room whom I thought was the Dr. That man was not the Dr, he was a nice man who asked how I was doing and if I was from America and was awaiting the DR. Let me just say..I felt like an idiot and I had to see this man  during my two hour wait while the pharmacist mixed my prescription.
Once I got in to see the Dr. I was a bit apprehensive yet excited. He pointed to my name on the sheet I wrote my name on upon arrival and I shook my head yes. I at that point realized this man spoke little to no English and got even more nervous. He grabbed my hands, flipped them over and counted my pulse. After this he flipped my hands over and took a peak at each nail. At that point he said “you no have menstrual, baby no have” I was like YES, jumped out of my seat and was like PLEASE help me! I was amazed, how could this man know all of this about me with a pulse and a nail check. After this he had me stick my tongue out and said I had digestive problems in the past, insomnia (my mind goes nuts when I get creative) and high stress. He did get one thing wrong when he said I had heavy migraines which is one symptom I do not encounter, unless of course, I swim in a sugar fest. Thirty minutes had gone by of back and forth on the Ipad to translate every word and my now favorite person in the world came up with a solution of herbs to cure my woes. He wrote things out in Chinese kind of like a Dr would write you a prescription and told me from his Ipad translator to drop it downstairs.

Chinese Herbs for Fertility

After waiting about two hours for my pharmacist to put together my potion, I was exhausted, sweaty and ready to go home!

Chinese Herbs

I took the ferry to the BTS which was a great way to clear my head and get myself ready for a new journey of baby Bentley. Once I got home, I felt the urge to get my brew on.  The instructions the “nurse” gave to me were in broken English, so I took to google to find out what to do with my pile of unknowns (I still have NO idea what I am drinking). After reading several versions, I found the version closest to the instructions I had received at the office.

Gettin my brew on..

First you need to find a non-metal pot. Metal pots do something to herbs and make them not as potent. Trust me you need these babies to be as potent as possible, having to do this for more days then necessary is not in favor of your taste buds. Use filtered water and pour about 3 cups (24 oz.) into your pot.

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Unwrap your medicine.

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Next you take your herbs and pour them into the pot making sure the water covers them.

Courtney bentley expat blogger

I had to push mine around a bit..

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Next you turn on your stove top and wait until the concoction boils..

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Now, reduce to simmer and cover until there is about 1 cup of liquid left.

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Now strain.

courtney bentley healthy lifestyle blogger

And this is your first batch..

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Now repeat, using the same herbs still in the pot by adding 2  cups pure filtered water to the mix..
Boil, reduce to simmer until 1 cup is left.
Strain into a glass bowl avoid metal or plastic bowls at all cost.
Pour this mixture into a glass pitcher and let cool.

One bag of herbs makes two”ish” cups, one shot in the morning AFTER breakfast and one AFTER dinner. I have read online that you should do these on an empty stomach, but my “nurse” suggested I eat before hand wait a bit and then get wild on shots.

Now it is time to party like you are in a frat house.

how to take chinese herbs

My method is simple. Shove organic dried cranberries in mouth and chew as you chug. I also like my mixture cooled down, so I wait about two hours before the chug action happens although some just like to get it over with, I feel it being cold helps me down it faster. From my research online, I have learned that you can not add honey, stevia or any other sweetener to the concoction as it messes with the herbs properties. I however did read you can chew on dried cranberries or raisins before/after your chug session.

So far..

Day 1: I had not let the herbs simmer long enough so I ended up with three cups as my first serving and chugging it down made me feel sick. The mixture is not palatable at all, no joke. I slept well but kept waking up feeling like I was in a dream and had VERY odd dreams. From reading online, I discovered this may be my bad energy leaving my body. Chinese herbs promote a happy Chi and in order to do that it needs to rid of the bad negative Chi (energy).
Day 2: I felt high all day, but happy with a glow and at night I slept like a baby. My husband had to wake me up at 6 AM for something but I passed back out no problem.
Day 3: I am not as disgusted by the taste and I feel very cleaned out if you know what I mean. My libido is on an all time high and I feel really happy all day. I enjoyed a cocktail at dinner which was a horrible idea because I felt wasted after the one and could feel my insides getting toxic.
Day 4: I woke up this morning feeling very happy, slept like a baby and can now see why people are so addicted to Chinese herbs. I wanted my drink this morning and was excited to drink it.

The rest of the days (3 more to go..) I will document in next weeks Blonde in Bangkok post, so lookout for that and of course updates are on my Instagram + Twitter feeds.

Extra Reading on Chinese Herbs for Fertility:

So I wanna know..

  • Have you ever used Chinese Herbs before? What was your experience?
  • What are some ways you have embraced a culture while traveling or living abroad?



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