Hi Star,

Many of my clients have the same areas they want to “SLIM-ify.” I get the COURTSTAR, keep me WOMANLY but please, PLEASE, PLEASE shrink my HIPS! This is COMMON,  because face it, as women we normally have a little more junk in the trunk because those hips are able to store a child. Yes, you can slim down those thighs + hips, it is POSSIBLE, take it from me! With a combination of a clean diet + exercise ANYTHING is possible in terms of body shaping! I recommend JUMP STARTING with a program like my STAR in 10 to get your DIET in check + than incorporating a workout routine that keeps you MOTIVATED + excited to go the gym and get YOUR sweat on.

Tight + trimmed thighs comes from working out + keeping a clean diet. Those donuts, pizza slices + fair fried foods store right in those thighs + hips! Dollface, I hate to say it but if you want that TIGHT + TONED body, you have to DITCH the processed JUNK FOODS + work up a SWEAT on the occasion. If possible grab a gal pal + join me EVERY FRIDAY here on the BLOG for FIT FRIENDS FRIDAY <3

Break it on DOWN..

How to workout with exercise ball hip raise on ball exercise How to shrink your hips

Now that you have the movements down, let’s add a workout to the MIX. Do this workout TWO times a week along with another LEG workout like THIS ONE or THIS ONE which both emphasize the THIGH areas. Now that you have all that down let’s ZERO in on that diet, I suggest the STAR in 10 to help you get your DIET in check.

Get on that STAR in 10…

Hip Shrinking Workout

This area also tends to have cellulite, which I HAD due to excess amounts of diet pills + diet coke, yes I do believe that “diet” products cause cellulite. I NEVER had cellulite before this, and it does not RUN in my family nor should I have any because I workout, lift weights + eat a Star Systemz Clean Diet, but those few years I swallowed the unknown chemicals I developed a bit of COTTAGE CHEESE + CELLULITE. Using a combination of 0 PROCESSED FOODS, The Star in 10, Dry Brushing + my Dry Brushing Coffee Mix, I can now say I AM CHEESE FREE...

Watch this Video for My Secret Cellulite Fighter:

Natural Cellulite Remedy

SO I wanna Know…

  • What natural beauty treatments or remedies do you SWEAR by?
  • Do you enjoy working out with an exercise ball? What is your favorite exercise with an exercise ball?
  • What did you do this weekend?