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As I get ready to pack my dumbbells and lulu shorts up, I have to make sure I make time to see my friends so of course combining my social hour with my fitness hour is a must. I woke up at 6 am and walked into Dru Paul’s Drag race with some of my girlfriends. We sweated to 80s pop songs and felt like models who just took a soul cycle class. This class had us doing abdominals and push ups at the seat of our bike which I left with a pump in my rump and sweat all over!

Crunch Spin Class

Setting Fit Friend Appointments has been DIFFICULT, I am not going to lie to you all and make my life seem SUPER organized because moving is CHAOTIC no matter how set up you think you are. I have been trying to make as much time as POSSIBLE to spend time with friends + family while getting my ASS in gear (literally!) + ready for the next chapter in my life! I had not seen my best friend in over a week + she mentioned she was spinning with some of her girlfriends so I woke my butt up at 6 AM + got myself ready to SHED SOME SWEAT!

Time to Grind..

spin essentials

Spinning out of control, peddles spinning so loudly releases that FIRE! Spin class + me have a love/hate relationship one day I’m excited to let it all out the next day I’m talking myself out of if due to my hair situation. You ladies understand spin class means shower washing your hair and ruining that blow out so most of us avoid it like the plague or save the sweat sesh for a hair wash day. Spin class burns calories + I mean TONS of calories, especially if you are willing to P-U-S-H yourself + hit those hills + sprints like a CHAMP! If you have never taken a spin class, YOU NEED TO! With spin class becoming a HOT trend from Soul Cycle’s dance moves to Fly Wheel’s Yoga/Spin Fusion, it is absolutely known that SPIN CLASSES BURN TONS OF CALORIES + FAT! I want to share with you a little SPIN 101 so you will walk in + be a ROCKSTAR!

spin class 101

 Spin Lingo 101:

  • Add Some Weight: Turn up the CRANKER (my own terminology) + add RESISTANCE! Depending on where you are your 60% or 20%, is DIFFERENT than anyone else’s! I suggest turning the CRANKER to the right until you can not PUSH the peddles + turning the cranker to the left and learning where your resistance is.
  • Lift Up: Take that BOOTY out of the seat + stand UP! Have a light grip on your bars, keep your knees front with your abs TIGHT! Stay centered by squeezing your abs
  • Low Hover: Push your booty back and hover it aout 1 inch off the seat + move your upper body towards the bars keeping LOW

Spin Class 101

When the instructor says…

  • Climb: A period of time where you will be slowly turning your cranker to the right which stimulates those GLUTES + makes you feel like you are climbing an actual HILL! Your goal is to try to maintain the same speed while adding resistance. Listen to the instructor give you cues of when to AMP it up or when to slow down your pace.
  • Sprint: Turn off that resistance + SPEED your way through the song! Some instructors may say “flatten your speed” meaning you would be spinning like you were riding a bike on a flat road (FAST, fast, FAST!) Have a bit of resistance on to take yourself through a challenge!
  • Lifts/Jumps: Periods of time in a song where you are moving up and down on your bike. Be sure you have resistance on as it is necessary in order to keep balanced. Be sure to focus on your FORM during these up/down movements and if you are not quite ready to partake in the movement make it a goal to try it out + do more + MORE each spin class you take.

Spin Class 101

Spin Class Essentials:

  • Spin Shoes: After taking a few spin classes + knowing you plan to commit to the SWEAT SESSIONS you are going to need to buy SHOES! My favorite shoes are my Bontrager Race Road WSD. At $89.95 you can’t go wrong + having spin shoes that fit you correctly take your RIDE to the next level!
  • Water Bottle: Any will do, just make sure you have enough water to get you through a SWEATTY session!
  • Lululemon’s  “The Towel”: I had mixed thoughts on my Lululemon “The Towel,” but after a few mishaps with bad detergent being used on the gym towels, I now can safely say this thing ROCKS! I suggest picking up both the SMALL ($18.00) + Large sizes ($38.00)! Can be purchased HERE.
  • Mane Message BCA Hair Tye: Save that blow out as best you can with dry shampoo + one of these cuties! I love using these tye’s when I need to put my hair up but want to avoid that crinkle! Purchase these PINKIES + support Breast Cancer Research by buying them HERE.

 spin class essentials

Are you going to take on a SPIN CLASS? Why not grab a friend + sign up for a class?


Lucie @ SwissFitChick  rocked a GRIT class with some friends!


What are you doing with a friend this weekend? I know how easy it is to just go whine over coffee, but get OUTSIDE, try a YOGA class, get a MASSAGE together all ways to be FIT, HEALTHY + WELL!

Spread the Wellness..

What being a #FITFRIEND means


Being a #FITFRIEND means UPLIFTING, SUPPORTING + MOTIVATING a friend to get FIT with you. It’s about connecting or re-connecting with a friend on ANOTHER level. It’s about having FUN + challenging your friends and yourself to a new level. In the blogging community we share recipes, fun activities,  workouts + our tips to be well but sharing these tips, advice + especially adventures with friends outside of the community is a positive way for our world to become a HEALTHIER one.

RESEARCH proves having someone to hold you accountable is one of the biggest tools for SUCCESS in your health + wellness journey! Sharing ideas, workouts + recipes with a friend or even INSPIRING them to get on the HEALTH train is motivating to BOTH of you! Call/Text/Email a friend, an old friend, sister, Mom, cousin, Aunt or just ANYONE + make a FIT DATE! You can meet for a juice, a HIKE, a yoga class, a dance class (possibilities are ENDLESS)…

Time to feel the HEALTH buzz TOGETHER..


As a personal trainer, I have had many clients want to bring along a sister, cousin who’s in town for the weekend, mom or friend and I always say YES because all of a sudden my client WORKS hard, stops complaining + ENJOYS the moment and I see them encouraging their counterpart for the day to do the same. It is such a beautiful thing to watch other women motivate other women!


Want to JOIN in + Share your ADVENTURES?

Sharing your adventures will inspire others to do the same + who doesn’t like pictures of friends having fun BEING HEALTHY + WELL + FABULOUS? I would LOVE to see your photos and read your story on your BLOG of your #fitfriends day! I will also added a LINK UP area after each one of my FIT FRIEND FRIDAY posts, so we can INSPIRE each other + share our stories! This can change LIVES + inspire other women to get on the BANDWAGON!



Activities for example can be: trying a new juice bar, taking a Cardio Barre Class together, eating at a raw vegan joint, taking a hike or even just going to the gym together (the possibilities are ENDLESS) and create a  Fit Friends Friday post to link up on any and hopefully EVERY Friday that you choose.

INSTAGRAM/TWITTER: #FITFRIENDSFRIDAY for those of you who do not have a blog and I will share these photos the next week!

Be sure to add YOUR BLOG POST LINK to the FIT FRIENDS FRIDAY Link Panel Below:



My goal in this is to CHANGE 1,000 LIVES, help me out and motivate your friends, it truly is the best feeling! Share your story or tag #FITFRIENDSFRIDAY and I will share your photos next week!

So I wanna know..

  • Have you taken a spin class? 
  • What is MUST HAVE song on your playlist that keeps you PUMPED throughout your workout?
  • What is your favorite group class?
  • Any group class or gym essentials?