Hi Star,

I have been doing A LOT of thinking, I mean A LOT, enough to where my head might explode, new ideas aren’t even able to make there way through all the thinking. After A LOT of debating, and I mean A LOT of debating, I have decided to VACATE, not totally but just for a bit of time. I mean I have been sitting here daily typing blog posts with the thought of taking a BLOG-CATION. A week long -cation away from the BLOG world, away from blogging and maybe even away from social media (wish it was THAT easy)! AGAIN, this all took a lot of thought + debating with myself, but I feel I am stuck in a RUT. I keep doing the same thing over and over again and want a fresh start. The direction of Star Systemz has changed tremendously this last year. I came back to California with the mindset of starting a company with other women,  and with all the traveling and complications my mind changed and I also had a change of heart. That dedication and idea sunk with it, literally it all just SANK and I had no where to turn but to just let it SAIL..After that ship sinkin action I started debating if my true calling was just to stick to fitness so I have been stickin to my guns with that in mind. My heart was thumpin + PUMPIN more towards FITNESS and using ME + my experiences to help others...

I had to realize that things change, and its OK!

So as I sign off for a week (maybe two..)I leave you with a KILLER workout playlist that I know you will LOVE..

Click HERE to download it.

I use Spotify which BTW is way better than PANDORA ever was (past tense). If you have yet to try it out, get on it sister! Its FREE and you can listen to ENTIRE albums, create your own playlists + listen to OTHER peoples playlists which I love to do!

July Juice Playlist

This week long break is also MUCH needed as I am moving to another country and that is stressful enough. That situation needs my full attention + time especially since I need to say my GOODBYE’S. I plan to spend more time with my friends, reading books + getting inspired again..

Enjoying a little Le Petit Four Sunset Plaza Lunch…


Visiting one of my best girlfriends in SAN DIEGO..

san diego

Taking lunch breaks with my girlfriend..DETOXING with ACAI BOWLS + GIRL TALK..

acai bowls

also some reading…

  • I have to thank Sara over at Nourish + Flourish for giving me the idea of a BLOG-CATION, I really wanted to take some time off but never really knew how to say or “blog” so. Blogging takes up a HUGE amount of time, takes a lot of energy + can suck you dry of any other creativity you may have been able to use elsewhere for money. It is not that I do not enjoy blogging, I do very much, but I feel I need to refocus and regather my thoughts, get back into a jive and get my projects moving forward!
  • Erin over at Well in LA explains Blogging Life + its pros/cons here. This article also helped me click PUBLISH on this post. It truly is hard letting go of something that you do on the daily even if it just for one-two weeks..
  • For a good laugh and I mean ROFL situation check out Gigi Eats Celebrities by clicking HERE. Not only will you want to PEE your pants but you will learn a thing or two about healthy eating.

Keep in touch..

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So I wanna Know….

  • Have you ever taken a vacation from something you LOVE? Is it wrong to take a BLOG-CATION?
  • What are your favorite blogs right now? Anything interesting I would be into?
  • Have you ever taken a break from social media? How was it? What did you do with all of your time?
  • What inspires you? What do you do when you are in a rut?