Hi Star

Summer has arrived, time for the itty-bitty bikinis, short-shorts + sun dresses.  I love the HOT HOT heat + also love Summer style! I can imagine a lot of you have travel plans, road trips and maybe even a BIG trip to a foreign land planned! Vacation is time to step away from your daily life + relax, rejuvenate and maybe even SWITCH OFF for a few days. If you are anything like me fitting in a workout is important and something I don’t just do because I have to, but because I truly ENJOY moving my body + want to.

I have been to Southeast Asia TWO times this year (read here) + at some points not even in an area where a gym is accessible, so I have to be prepared for just about ANYTHING! One thing I can not LIVE without is my Ipod or some sort of music source. One of the main reasons I enjoy Spin Class so much is the MUSIC, it really gets me going!

Click HERE for an awesome Playlist I made for the month of JUNE..

Workout Playlist

Music sets the mood for the grooves..

The workouts I do VARY depending on equipment, time + of course WEATHER. I always enjoy taking a RUN around a new area, discovering NEW places + watching people go to work and live a daily life in a new country, but of course this is only if weather PERMITS this, which can be a DOWNFALL if that is all you were planning on doing for your exercises. Inside of my suitcase, you will always find rubber tubing/bands, a jump rope and workout gear (shoes, socks, outfits). I have been to hotels that have said they had a gym and showed up with a DO NOT ENTER sign on the door, broken equipment or NO AIR conditioning, when its a zillion degrees outside (UNSAFE to workout in). Instead of whining about it, I take initiative and have a couple routines on hand that require little to 0 equipment or include my rubber tubing + jump rope.

Examples of Exercises You Can ROCK:

singletodoublestretch copyponitedorflexed copySixthPositionCalf

 No Dumbbells Required…


How to do a Tricep Dip

How to do a tricep dipHow to use rubber tubing

Googling fitness + exercise classes for places you are traveling to is a fun way to get to try something new. Lucie over at Fit Swiss Chick, came to the US and tried Ballet Barre Classes + Bootcamps, which I thought was an incredible idea! I hope to research more when I travel and do the same thing! When I move to Bangkok I hope to get my MUAY THAI on!

I love exercise tubing, it is PORTABLE, great for building that STRONG foundation + is easy to use for those who are new to fitness. Any of my clients who are either rehabilitating or new to working out I introduce either bands or tubing.


Other Workouts:

  • Jump Rope for 20 Minutes
  • Crunches/Ab Exercises
  • Push Ups/Chest Dips
  • Mountain Climbers, High Knees, Butt Kicks
  • Plank
  • Interval Running around your destination
  • Hiking
  • Bike Riding
  • Rollerblading
  • Rowing/Kayaking
  • Endless possibilites…

Here is an example chest exercise you can do with rubber tubing:

So I Wanna Know…

  • Where are you planning to vacation to this summer? Any big trips planned?
  • What are your thoughts on the Instagram/Vine Video? Are you sticking to Vine or switching to INSTAGRAM?
  • What is on your workout playlist right now? Any recommendations on headphones? I have TINY ears..