Hi Star,

Happy Sunday! I hope all of your weekends are going well. I am still in Bangkok + STILL searching for a HOME! We put in some offers + waiting to hear back from all of them…PATIENTLY waiting! While patiently waiting, we (THE HUBS + I) have spent a lot of time at the gym + getting our THAI MASSAGE ON (for $12 an hr. why NOT?) In the midst of all our walking + exploring, I started to notice the posture of those around me. The people here stand with PRIDE + made me roll back my shoulders + check my posture out when bipassing a mirror..

Shoulders Shoulders shoulders, what can I say I love the BURN of a good shoulder day. My split training consists of a day with the sole focus on shoulders + cardio. I LOVE this day and look forward to it every week. It took me a long time to build strength in my shoulders, I literally maxed out at 5 lbs. with shoulders that had flames shooting from them. Within time and of course the dedication, I am now able to use the 10 pounders and working my way to the 12’s!

Stay Star Strong!

Your shoulder muscles are called deltoids with an anterior, lateral and posterior deltoid all which need to be worked in order to build strong shoulders. Having shoulders creates the image of a smaller waist, add some glutes and you have yourself a COKE BOTTLE body! If you are new to working out your shoulders with weights, I suggest starting off with light weights and working your way up. Perfecting your form is KEY to proper weight lifting techniques + I can assure you that once you get the form down it is VERY difficult to hurt yourself once you up your lifting weight.

Shoulder DIagram

Your shoulders are a ball + socket joint + the most movable joint in your entire body. Your shoulders are also the most unstable and your rotator cuff can be injured quite easily. Making sure to have proper form when performing shoulder + chest exercises is essential in INJURY prevention. Make sure to use a weight you can CONTROL, as I always teach my clients:

“YOU control the weight, DO not let it control YOU.”


shoulder front hold copy


Filmed at the WONDERFUL PINK IRON (Click HERE for class schedule)

To perform this routine grab a light pair of dumbbells + get ready to perform some pulsing exercises which will DIG deep into the shoulder muscles and give you a nice BURN! Your stance is shoulder width apart with your knees slightly bent. Make sure to breathe through the movements and perform each movement 15-20 reps or follow this routine:


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So I wanna know…

  • What is your favorite body part to workout?
  • What is your favorite Thai dish? 

I am thinking the Hubs + I need to do some more exploring + I want to know what to order!