Hi Star,

After a long + stressful trip, it is time to get back to my normal schedule which I am very happy to get back into. I enjoyed hubs + my trip to Bangkok but since I did not get to enjoy the stay as much as I had planned to due to searching high + low for the perfect place, I am ready to just be home. I am still in shock, we are really moving to Bangkok, Thailand for an ENTIRE year, a little nervous but VERY excited. Heck, I have moved to another country before, not quite as DRASTIC but still if I can do it once, I can do it again + again..

Sending a HAPPY FATHER’S DAY to all the DAD’S OUT THERE! Here is the ULTIMATE SHIH DAD + I celebrating Shih Sunday last year 🙂

Fathers Day

Getting back into routine means getting back into the gym. We wasted 0 TIME getting back into our gym schedule and HIT legs next day after an 18 hour flight, let’s just say I kicked my own ass..

Light it up up up..

courtney bentley

Stretching is an activity I need to focus on as I am the type that runs into the gym, PUMPS it + leaves forgetting about the cool down because heck I just want to take a SHOWER stat….

Stretching is important, I mean REALLY important. Stretching improves circulation  flexibility, increases your range of motion (ROM), and can even reduce stress. Weightlifting strains muscles, shortens and even tightens them so stretching is significant if you want to continue making gains and increasing your range of motion! I have made it a daily goal + trying to make it a practice to get on my foam roller or yoga mat + do some stretches! My workout routines now have stretching exercises INCLUDED just so I am DOUBLE sure I actually do my stretches..

There are several different types of stretching all of which are beneficial:

Types of Stretching:

  • Active Stretching: Placing your body in a stretch using only your muscles to hold the stretch and holding it there for at least 15 seconds. Example: Kicking your leg out and holding it out, yoga positions.
  • Dynamic Stretching: Using movements like “kicking” to force energy in the body to stretch a particular body part to through the normal range of motion. Example: Torso twists, be sure to stay in your own abilities and not force a stretch further than you are able
  • Passive Stretching: S tretches that use another body part, another person or apparatus to help hold the stretch. Example: Holding your leg out in a strap.
  • Ballistic Stretching: Using movements like “bouncing” to force a momentum in the body to push the body past and BEYOND its normal range of motion. Example: The butterfly position, moving knees up and down to increase hip flexibility.

Learning a little anatomy never hurt anyone either, I recommend learning some basics just so you have a greater understanding of exercising and lifting weights…

Quad Muscles

Quad Anatomy

These muscles act on the hip and knee joints and are used when workout out your quads:

    • Lliacus: Flexion + lateral rotation
    • Psoas Major + Minor: Flexion + lateral rotation
    • Rectus femoris: Extension/Flexion (most effective when hip is extended)
    • Vastus Medialis, Intermedius + Lateralis: Extension (partially when hip is flexed)
    • Adductors Magnus, Brevis + Longus: Adduction, lateral rotation flexion, + medial rotation

Prone Manual Quad Exercises — powered by ehow

Pilates Movements

Single Leg Stretch

Double Leg Stretch

Now that you are all stretched out + nerded out, get ready to RUMBLE…

Quad workout

Skip the Jazzercise let’s quadercise..

so I wanna know…

      • Do you stretch? Before workouts/after workouts or both?
      • Do you do yoga on a regular basis? If so, what is your favorite?

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