This post may seem odd to you, most of us are on a weight loss journey, cutting body fat and BUILDING long lean muscle, well that was me THEN and this is me NOW. I rode it out, I had my formula down and was an ENERGIZER bunny, with an extremely healthy diet filled with plain foods, a muscle building workout routine and had the body I had always wanted. Now, things have changed, a chapter is coming to a close and a new one is beginning.

A move to Thailand, a journey into motherhood hopefully soon + my 25th birthday...

Courtney Bentley

FIRST, I went through a strict Fertility Cleansing period where I ate very strict, juiced, raw veganed OUT + even got a colonic, read more about that HERE, it was quite a journey and now PART 2 is here, the part I have been dreading, but MUST do in order to have a healthy baby..

And so it goes..

Planning for a baby Bentley, being mentally ready for my body to manipulate and gain weight/body fat has been my main concern these past few weeks. My 5 percent body fat was 5 percent too LOW, unfortunately a baby does not grow with little body fat from its mother, you technically need at least 12%. I could never understand or grasp how celebrities like Victoria Beckham + Nicole Richie were able to pop out babies, like they pop pills, I swear they have a surrogate. These ladies I feel are so thin with little to no muscle tone! My ob-gyn is actually Victoria Beckham’s, which I know because I stood with her in the elevator and checked in with the same doctor right after her. The whole time I starred at her, not because she is a celebrity + I am totally OBSESSED with her, but because she has had FOUR children, FOUR BABIES + her body is stick thin and FIRM, her body fat could not be anymore then mine and her babies are healthy when she plops them out. I have been googling this almost daily (slight obsession) and just can’t see how she does it  After seeing V Becks + my ob-gyn,  I was told “Courtney, if you want to have babies you have to quit the cardio + eat, eat + EAT.”


Friends and family encouraged me through this journey to eat more food than I could stomach stuff myself FULL (UGH) + take that extra scoop of ALMOND BUTTER (YES!). That part, was ok..Now. me and cardio are best friends spinning is my meditation, my stress release and my high, so how does one go about quitting what they LOVE..well for me I could NOT..I just couldn’t. So food increase it was hard to eat more food, difficult for me to stomach the fact I would have to eat eat and eat some more, but having a baby a little bundle of joy is something I want ever so dearly…


You may be thinking, this chick must be anorexic if she can’t sit and eat, eat, EAT, but this is not the case, my stomach can only handle so much food and I am not one to leave the THANKSGIVING table feeling like a stuffed MANICOTTI!

I LOVE my digestive system, I chew my food thouroughly and space out my meals, eat until I am 75% full and of coure a plate full of green leaves.  Shoot, I took over a year rebuilding it all so ruining it is not in my deck of cards. I did gain weight, body fat and SANELY..

Alkaline Acid Diet

eat, eat + eat some more…

What I did to gain 8 lbs. IN 4 weeks, was not your typical eat dessert everyday, all day and eat junk food because I just CAN NOT do that to my body. I am unable to gorge myself and am defintley unable to eat chocolate cake everyday, call me a weirdo, but I just can’t do it. I wanted to gain healthy weight by eating clean foods and not feeling stressed about it all.

In all honesty it was a challenge, but if you know me, you know that I am determined and motivated when I want to be, so I stuck to my guns, ignored the chocolate cake debate and ate what I knew I could handle.

How to gain weight

The food I am about to list is food you probably eat on a daily basis, and I want you to know these foods are not going to make you GAIN weight or make you fat, so please continue eating them. I just ate M-O-R-E of the foods I am about to list and when I say MORE I mean 2+ servings…

  • Eat 6-8 times a day. I made it a point to eat more often because my stomach can not handle a huge meal, so a break down of 300 calories6- 8 times a day has me at 1800-2400 calories.
  • Increase NUTS and other healthy sources of fat like avocado and coconut oil and almond butter. Yes, almond butter was a must and an easy food to increase!
  • More FRUIT especially tropical fruits. I rarely ate fruit in the past other than grapefruit, dark berries and avocado. Again, my goals of a low body fat, meant cutting out the high sugar content and not pigging out on fruits higher in sugar and calories. For most, fruit does not need to be cut out as being healthy means ridding of the junk and increasing the natural stuff (fruits)
  • Grass fed Beef (ORGANIC of course) The fat and iron in beef were two things I needed, so I ate beef at least once a week whereas before this was a once a month choice, for my womanly week was always HARDCORE.
  • More Complex Carbohydrates: Rice, Sweet Potatoes (check out my Sweet Potato Cakes), and Dried Fruits.

sweet potato cakes

I specialize in many types of diets so do not feel this information neccessary to you. Every person has different goals when it comes to a goal body type. For most, simply losing weight, increasing ENERGY and losing the jiggle is the main delio. A stricter regime, like the one I had been on before, is meant for those who want to either compete or show off that muscle. I want you to know that just because you enjoy and regularly eat the foods I listed above does not mean you are not going to lose weight or that you will gain weight from eating them either. Most likely you will lose weight because the simplicity of eating WHOLE/NATURAL foods will make a HUGE change in your body. The only way you will gain weight is by demolishing a jar of almond butter daily, than you may have a concern..


Follow your Doctors orders when it comes to nutrition, I am not a DR. although I do have a degree in nutrition..

So I wanna know..

  • Any Moms out there with tips for me?
  • Any pregnancy stories?
  • Did you have to gain weight to get prego?