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I have been enjoying my time here in Bangkok, soaking in the culture, getting used to the humidity + just being ever so grateful for the opportunity to even be here. Hubby + I have been gym shopping + let me tell you, the GYMS here are much different then what I am used to in LA. I guess I can say the abundance of gyms like Equinox + Crunch have spoiled my views of what a gym should have as far as equipment goes but the gyms out here in Bangkok will keep my MUSCLES pumped just fine + luckily we have come across a gym that is PERFECT!

The Quest Begins..

Fitness First Bangkok

One thing I enjoy about traveling is the adventure of seeing how other cultures get into fitness, how they exercise + what group classes are popular in certain areas. Here in Bangkok fitness is EVERYWHERE. In Bangkok you WALK everywhere + the stairs take you up to the BTS (skytrain)+ running around getting places has you working up a SWEAT on a daily basis.

Hubby clocked our walk for an entire day with his Nike Fuel Band + we are hitting over 15,000 fuel points everyday, you literally WALK everywhere (not complaining ONE bit). Parks around the areas have bike paths, jogging paths + walking paths so that everyone can take advantage! Surrounding parks also have actual “play” gyms so that the public can get their health on. The beautiful thing about being in Bangkok is people here CARE about their fitness + well-being.

The Lumpini Park Gym:



When searching for our “home” gym there are a few things the hubs + I have to consider:

  • Weight: Is there enough weight? So for me, this is usually not a problem but for him…


  • Equipment: Is the equipment Hammer Curl or LiveFit? These are the only two brands him + I prefer. Technogym is common out in Bangkok + the range of motion is NEVER complete, at least in my opinion. I feel like these machines cut you off a third of the way.. Of course free weights are a great way to go, but sometimes a machine is the only way this little thing is lifting heavy.

fitness first

  • Surrounding: Is it clean? Locker rooms? Amenities?  Wifi? Ok, so I can live without the WiFi but it HAS to be clean. Back when I lived in Cabo San Lucas, I worked out at a GRUNGY + I mean a GNARLY, GRUNGY gym. A gym where you were scared to touch anything because you might get Tetanus..so this MATTERS BIG time!


  • Schedule: Times the gym is OPEN/CLOSED + class schedule (I LOVE me some SOUL SINGING…I mean SPIN) always make sure the gym you plan on going to has a schedule that works with your own.
  • Location: We have put offers on a few places and since we plan on living CAR FREE, making sure the gym is close to a BTS (skytrain) or within walking distance is essential. I plan to walk to the gym as my warm-up!


Bangkok Tour of Gyms:

  • True Fitness: Overpriced, lots of Life Fitness + Hammer Strong Equipment, 4 floors including a Cardio Area, Free-weight area, Boxing Ring, Cycle Studio, 4 Group Fitness Rooms, Hot Yoga Room, Yoga (Mind/Body) Studio + Kinesis Studio. Overall I was IMPRESSED with this gym besides the locker rooms (need updating) + the price of it. The class times were great + the location was nearby to where we may be living + the CAFE had lots of healthy eats for post workout lunches.
  • Fitness First Terminal 21: Tiny TINY + more tiny. I walked into Terminal 21 Fitness First + asked someone if I was missing where the gym was. The size was of an apartment buildings gym and the equipment was so closely stacked you could smell the person working out next to you and hear them counting under their breathe. Although clean, I will not re-visit this location.
  • Fitness First Platinum: Landmark: New”ish” equipment + much LARGER than the Terminal 21 location, the only thing was it was FILLED with Techno Gym equipment which is FAR from my favorite. The class schedule is more in my time frame + they had a little cafe up top which had some tasty smoothies I may try. The locker room was ok, nothing to brag about but good enough if I needed to get ready after a sweaty session.
  • Fitness First Platinum Q House Lumpini Tower: This location was more of a “hangout” loungy type gym. Amenities include a pool, steam room + sauna which is great but here in Bangkok walking around outdoors is a combo of the two. The locker room was really nice and welcoming with nice blow dryers + hangers to keep your clothes nice. Location wise, this gym is off the beaten path meaning it is NO WHERE near the BTS + I had trouble finding it. This gym also barely had ANY weight and barely any machines for doing legs (no hack squat).


  • Fitness First Platinum Suk. 39: After searching around for a few days, we FINALLY found our home. We walked in weary and about to end our contract with Fitness First! We were thinking of giving into the high cost of True Fitness, but after seeing a hack squat, decent leg press and a juice bar outside,we were GIDDY with excitement! The only downside is they only have a handful of spin classes during the day and not everyday so I may head over to the Landmark location to get my SPIN on. Hands down the best lounge area as well with free coffee, tea + WATER! Pre workout will now be had at the gym with me bringing my own coconut oil! The beauty of Fitness First is you pay for your membership + can use it anywhere in the world. Although not located in the United States, Fitness First is all over Europe, Asia + even Australia


So my FIT FRIEND + I have found our NEW HOME! I look forward to making NEW friends out here in Thailand and showing them the STAR SYSTEMZ way 🙂

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Lucie @ SwissFitChick  rocked a GRIT class with some friends!


What are you doing with a friend this weekend? I know how easy it is to just go whine over coffee, but get OUTSIDE, try a YOGA class, get a MASSAGE together all ways to be FIT, HEALTHY + WELL!

Spread the Wellness..

What being a #FITFRIEND means


Being a #FITFRIEND means UPLIFTING, SUPPORTING + MOTIVATING a friend to get FIT with you. It’s about connecting or re-connecting with a friend on ANOTHER level. It’s about having FUN + challenging your friends and yourself to a new level. In the blogging community we share recipes, fun activities,  workouts + our tips to be well but sharing these tips, advice + especially adventures with friends outside of the community is a positive way for our world to become a HEALTHIER one.

RESEARCH proves having someone to hold you accountable is one of the biggest tools for SUCCESS in your health + wellness journey! Sharing ideas, workouts + recipes with a friend or even INSPIRING them to get on the HEALTH train is motivating to BOTH of you! Call/Text/Email a friend, an old friend, sister, Mom, cousin, Aunt or just ANYONE + make a FIT DATE! You can meet for a juice, a HIKE, a yoga class, a dance class (possibilities are ENDLESS)…

Time to feel the HEALTH buzz TOGETHER..


As a personal trainer, I have had many clients want to bring along a sister, cousin who’s in town for the weekend, mom or friend and I always say YES because all of a sudden my client WORKS hard, stops complaining + ENJOYS the moment and I see them encouraging their counterpart for the day to do the same. It is such a beautiful thing to watch other women motivate other women!


Want to JOIN in + Share your ADVENTURES?

Sharing your adventures will inspire others to do the same + who doesn’t like pictures of friends having fun BEING HEALTHY + WELL + FABULOUS? I would LOVE to see your photos and read your story on your BLOG of your #fitfriends day! I will also added a LINK UP area after each one of my FIT FRIEND FRIDAY posts, so we can INSPIRE each other + share our stories! This can change LIVES + inspire other women to get on the BANDWAGON!



Activities for example can be: trying a new juice bar, taking a Cardio Barre Class together, eating at a raw vegan joint, taking a hike or even just going to the gym together (the possibilities are ENDLESS) and create a  Fit Friends Friday post to link up on any and hopefully EVERY Friday that you choose.

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My goal in this is to CHANGE 1,000 LIVES, help me out and motivate your friends, it truly is the best feeling! Share your story or tag #FITFRIENDSFRIDAY and I will share your photos next week!