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Another edition of Fit Friends Friday is upon us + I hope all of you have been taking advantage of the SUMMER breeze. grabbing a friend and getting FIT!

I have been SUPER busy since we got back from our two week long HOME SEARCH, I swear it was like we were on an episode of House Hunters International Edition! Trying to fit everything into the next two months is going to be hectic, but my plan of attack is to be as ORGANIZED as possible and set up all of my appointments in STONE (DR, Vet, etc) so I can start making time for seeing friends + family before we take off…

I took advantage of Fit Friends + grabbed my girlfriend who is looking to change her unhealthy habits and took her to the grocery store for some healthy eats SHOPPIN..



Grocery shopping is the FIRST step when it comes to changing your diet. Without the resources how do you expect to create healthy meals + not have the temptations for junk food? Open up your cupboards and start cleaning out the processed foods, the treats and anything that is expired. If it is expired, throw it away, if its unopened take it to a food bank (CLICK HERE TO FIND A LOCAL ONE) or else just give the food away to a homeless person on the street. Without these foods lying around the house, temptation will not sink in because the food is not there! Now after dropping off your processed goods, sodas and sugary desserts go straight to the grocery store and STOCK UP! Every time hunger kicks in you should be able to open your fridge and find fresh fruits and vegetables! 


  • Make the DECISION, remember the choice is YOURS!
  • Clean out the cupboards, the fridge + any additional STASH piles (office desk, glove compartment etc..)
  • Print out the LIST below or check out some recipes (Turkey Muffins, Sweet Potato Cakes, Stuffed Peppers, Vegan Chili)
  • Purchase Mason Jars or other BPA free containers to store your food, leftovers and salad mixes. Being prepared takes the guess work out of dinner plans after a LONG day! (Mason Jars are sold at the 99 cent store + World Market)
  • Purchase a lunch box or cute bag to store your lunch and snacks in for work! Keep it SIMPLE!
  • Once home from your SHOPPING party, clean, CUT + start prepping up some proteins, steaming veggies and cooking up your grains

I have compiled a grocery list to one of my ALL TIME favorite stores, Trader Joe’s for you to print out + take with you. Once you go a few times with this list, you will be able to go without any list and grocery shopping will turn into a 30 minute activity! In this print out I also included meal ideas, snack ideas and even some other tips + tricks to get you started on your new healthier lifestyle. I even made one for the VEGANS + VEGETARIANS out there..


Click HERE for your VEGETARIAN grocery list

No TJ”s nearby? Totally ok! This list works at ANY grocery store just make sure to grab ORGANIC produce + meats!

Grab your FIT FRIEND, print out this Grocery List + get SHOPPIN..

traderjoesgrocerylist traderjoesgrocerylistVEGE


Lucie @ SwissFitChick  rocked a GRIT class with some friends!


What are you doing with a friend this weekend? I know how easy it is to just go whine over coffee, but get OUTSIDE, try a YOGA class, get a MASSAGE together all ways to be FIT, HEALTHY + WELL!

Spread the Wellness..

What being a #FITFRIEND means


Being a #FITFRIEND means UPLIFTING, SUPPORTING + MOTIVATING a friend to get FIT with you. It’s about connecting or re-connecting with a friend on ANOTHER level. It’s about having FUN + challenging your friends and yourself to a new level. In the blogging community we share recipes, fun activities,  workouts + our tips to be well but sharing these tips, advice + especially adventures with friends outside of the community is a positive way for our world to become a HEALTHIER one.

RESEARCH proves having someone to hold you accountable is one of the biggest tools for SUCCESS in your health + wellness journey! Sharing ideas, workouts + recipes with a friend or even INSPIRING them to get on the HEALTH train is motivating to BOTH of you! Call/Text/Email a friend, an old friend, sister, Mom, cousin, Aunt or just ANYONE + make a FIT DATE! You can meet for a juice, a HIKE, a yoga class, a dance class (possibilities are ENDLESS)…

Time to feel the HEALTH buzz TOGETHER..


As a personal trainer, I have had many clients want to bring along a sister, cousin who’s in town for the weekend, mom or friend and I always say YES because all of a sudden my client WORKS hard, stops complaining + ENJOYS the moment and I see them encouraging their counterpart for the day to do the same. It is such a beautiful thing to watch other women motivate other women!


Want to JOIN in + Share your ADVENTURES?

Sharing your adventures will inspire others to do the same + who doesn’t like pictures of friends having fun BEING HEALTHY + WELL + FABULOUS? I would LOVE to see your photos and read your story on your BLOG of your #fitfriends day! I will also added a LINK UP area after each one of my FIT FRIEND FRIDAY posts, so we can INSPIRE each other + share our stories! This can change LIVES + inspire other women to get on the BANDWAGON!



Activities for example can be: trying a new juice bar, taking a Cardio Barre Class together, eating at a raw vegan joint, taking a hike or even just going to the gym together (the possibilities are ENDLESS) and create a  Fit Friends Friday post to link up on any and hopefully EVERY Friday that you choose.

INSTAGRAM/TWITTER: #FITFRIENDSFRIDAY for those of you who do not have a blog and I will share these photos the next week!

Be sure to add YOUR BLOG POST LINK to the FIT FRIENDS FRIDAY Link Panel Below:



My goal in this is to CHANGE 1,000 LIVES, help me out and motivate your friends, it truly is the best feeling! Share your story or tag #FITFRIENDSFRIDAY and I will share your photos next week!

So I wanna know..

  • What does your grocery list look like?
  • What ONE item are you not going to pick up this week?
  • What is your favorite nut butter?