Hi Star,

I had the opportunity to slip in a class at the one + only PINK IRON of West Hollywood, and let me tell you, I was DROWNING in sweat, felt like I had just conquered all of my FEARS of fast paced, quick functional movements and wanted to HIGH FIVE every other girl in the room! Literally felt like a BAD ASS CHICK + I look forward to going back + beating my times + aiming to lift MORE weight!

Do not let the “PINK-NESS” of the gym fool you…


Pictured below is me PRE-workout, AMP’d and ready to get my BOOTY kicked! Of course, I had to rep one of Pink Iron’s adorable tees, the gear sold at Pink Iron + online (COMING SOON) is TOO CUTE for words! I love the designs and wear this shirt with jeans all the time.


The community at Pink Iron is unlike ANY other gym I have ever experienced. These ladies literally C-H-E-E-R each other on, keep each other accountable on showing up + are one BIG GIANT PINK family. I loved being around these ladies who frequent Pink Iron and felt so WELCOMED by each + every ONE of them! Talk about a FIT FRIENDS FRIDAY!

Grunt, Yelp + Sweat All You Want…

Pink Iron’s mission is to positively IMPACT, inspire + IMPROVE women’s lives through fitness. The gym is an all WOMEN’s GYM which I L-O-V-E because I am so OVER feeling like I need a LB. of makeup on at the gym just to look “presentable” + because EVERY other girl wears the same + also with their hair DID. At Pink Iron, this is NOT the case, it is a no makeup NO SHAME, get YOUR sweat on mentality.

Pink Iron

Ok so side note, here I am below POST-SWEAT sesh + I SO did not want to post this picture since I look SO GORGEOUS (NASTY) but I saw my SMILE and that hand on the hip says it ALL, I felt like A BAD ASS.


I did it…


Ok so me + the RX did not do a little dance, but I sure do hope one day to tu-tu-tango with the RXRX one day…

Pink Iron’s training method is FUNCTIONAL training combined with a WOD (workout of the day), this means you use your ENTIRE body to move, GROOVE + lift! Functional training, prepares you for REAL LIFE situations, like lifting boxes, moving furniture and gives you the endurance, coordination + speed of an ATHLETE. The best part, is the instructor will H-E-L-P you LEARN the movements before the timer starts which is ESSENTIAL to ensure proper form! Pam, my instructor that day, did drills pre WOD to make sure the girls were lifting what they could + with PROPER form. I was SO impressed! I am used to the walk in, no one cares if you are there or NOT + the instructor lets you wobble around most likely with improper form (INJURIES HELLO). I also enjoyed the challenge the instructor places upon you, Pam made sure we were all lifting at our MAX potential with PROPER form of course. Pam came by several times, corrected ME + made sure I GOT IT.

Here I am at Pink Iron shooting for Ehow.com check out previous posts on Chest Exercises for Fat Loss + Heavy Handle Dumbbell Tricep Exercises.


The owner Holly Holton, had a vision for PINK IRON, her vision was to build LEAN, MEAN, GIRLIE machines and she has done this right in the HEART of West Hollywood in an ALL pink gym!

Pink Iron is located at: 1106 N. La Cienega Blvd. West Hollywood CA 90069

Classes EVERYDAY + Include: (taken from website: http://www.pinkiron.com)


Our most popular class utilizes cross training methods of combining strength training, cardiovascular conditioning, functional training, and flexibility to challenge the body.  Each day you are given a “workout of the day” which is constantly varied and performed for time or for repetitions in order to quantify your progress.  This class will boost metabolism, build strength and endurance, blast body fat, and build lean muscle.  Programmed with our all female client’s goals in mind, you will leave each class feeling empowered!


This fun and high-energy class is Pink Iron’s take on the traditional “boot camp” class.  Mixing cardiovascular exercises with low weight, high interval training, you will walk away feeling the burn and drenched in sweat!  This Lean & Mean cardio shredding class will also increase your cardio endurance, coordination, balance, and agility all while burning a ton of calories!


A vinyasa power flow class.  Vinyasa is a continuous flow of movement using the sun salutations while working on lengthening the muscles and opening up the hipflexors, shoulders, and other tight areas.  Imagine how much your workouts will change once your hamstrings start to elongate from the downward dogs and those tight hip flexors start releasing making your squats an dead lifts easier to do and access. It’s a great way to relieve stress and tension in the muscles as well as the mind, while still feeling like you are doing something great for your body.  You don’t have to be super flexible to take the class; taking yoga is going to bring back that mobility into the body!  *Must sign up in advance


Our exciting Saturday class takes all of the elements of our Pink Fit classes but we throw in a twist as we have members work together in teams.  Building camaraderie and friendship, we place you on teams of 2-4 people.  Encourage each other and cheer your teammates on as you complete your workout together and push each other to be YOUR best!


Created for Pink Iron members to focus on a different skill or lift each week to learn more in depth.  Will help develop strength and proficiency at different skills (pullups, handstandpushups, etc) or lifts (clean, snatch, etc).  Great for all levels.


If you have been looking for a FIT FRIEND or somewhere to get your BOOTY WOOORKED head on over to PINK IRON and join not just a gym but a FAMILY!


Lucie @ SwissFitChick  rocked a GRIT class with some friends!


What are you doing with a friend this weekend? I know how easy it is to just go whine over coffee, but get OUTSIDE, try a YOGA class, get a MASSAGE together all ways to be FIT, HEALTHY + WELL!

Spread the Wellness..

Check out my ETSY store for ONE of a KIND AFFIRMATION CHARMS! These make great gifts for your friends who need a little boost on a new project or chapter in their lives!

What being a #FITFRIEND means


Being a #FITFRIEND means UPLIFTING, SUPPORTING + MOTIVATING a friend to get FIT with you. It’s about connecting or re-connecting with a friend on ANOTHER level. It’s about having FUN + challenging your friends and yourself to a new level. In the blogging community we share recipes, fun activities,  workouts + our tips to be well but sharing these tips, advice + especially adventures with friends outside of the community is a positive way for our world to become a HEALTHIER one.

RESEARCH proves having someone to hold you accountable is one of the biggest tools for SUCCESS in your health + wellness journey! Sharing ideas, workouts + recipes with a friend or even INSPIRING them to get on the HEALTH train is motivating to BOTH of you! Call/Text/Email a friend, an old friend, sister, Mom, cousin, Aunt or just ANYONE + make a FIT DATE! You can meet for a juice, a HIKE, a yoga class, a dance class (possibilities are ENDLESS)…

Time to feel the HEALTH buzz TOGETHER..


As a personal trainer, I have had many clients want to bring along a sister, cousin who’s in town for the weekend, mom or friend and I always say YES because all of a sudden my client WORKS hard, stops complaining + ENJOYS the moment and I see them encouraging their counterpart for the day to do the same. It is such a beautiful thing to watch other women motivate other women!


Want to JOIN in + Share your ADVENTURES?

Sharing your adventures will inspire others to do the same + who doesn’t like pictures of friends having fun BEING HEALTHY + WELL + FABULOUS? I would LOVE to see your photos and read your story on your BLOG of your #fitfriends day! I will also added a LINK UP area after each one of my FIT FRIEND FRIDAY posts, so we can INSPIRE each other + share our stories! This can change LIVES + inspire other women to get on the BANDWAGON!



Activities for example can be: trying a new juice bar, taking a Cardio Barre Class together, eating at a raw vegan joint, taking a hike or even just going to the gym together (the possibilities are ENDLESS) and create a  Fit Friends Friday post to link up on any and hopefully EVERY Friday that you choose.

INSTAGRAM/TWITTER: #FITFRIENDS for those of you who do not have a blog and I will share these photos the next week!

Be sure to add YOUR BLOG POST LINK to the FIT FRIENDS FRIDAY Link Panel Below:

My goal in this is to CHANGE 1,000 LIVES, help me out and motivate your friends, it truly is the best feeling! Share your story or tag #FITFRIENDS and I will share your photos next week!


SO I wanna know..

  • What makes you feel STRONG + like a BAD ASS CHICK?
  • Have you ever tried a Cross-Fit type class or Cross-Fit gym?
  • When are you joining me at Pink Iron to get WORKED?