Hi Star,

Time for a little break down on the FULL LOW BAR BACK SQUAT! If you are new to squatting and want a nice round RUMP, LISTEN UP..

I am sure you have seen “fitspo” + other body inspiration posts all over Instagram, Facebook + Pinterest, but you may think to yourself, how in the WORLD do I get a body like that?


If you have been reading my blog, you know how AMP’d I am about weight lifting and how I personally can ATTEST to the benefits of throwing around weights at the gym, it truly creates a BODY and builds a muscular structure that is FEMINE + healthy. My two inspirations, Jamie Eason + Jennifer Nicole Lee, made me want to lift and really LIFT heavy. I have had so many clients in the past blame sports, weight lifting and other activity to creating a “bulky” look, but in my experience it is hard to get “bulky” unless you were eating the wrong foods while weight lifting.

Weight lifting + nutrition truly go HAND IN HAND.

Now, how do you get started with weight lifting and building LEAN, MEAN muscle? First off, I would look into hiring a personal trainer for a few weeks to show you the basics of each movement + how to perform the movement with correct form. Personal trainers also are great in helping you create programs for you to follow after sessions or in between sessions. If you are unable to afford a personal trainer, find a local gym like Pink Iron, where I filmed this segment, and where the classes are small with a HANDS-ON instructor who cares about your form. You can also read from books and get the scoop in magazines. My #1 tip is to always be prepared in LIFE and that also means when going to the gym. I rarely go to the gym without some kind of structure to my workout almost like a blue-print. Having a written out plan MAKES me finish my workout because there is no time to SECOND guess myself or do the hmmm I think I am done. Even if its a tear out from a magazine or something you saw online, just have some kind of PLAN + format. In previous posts, I mentioned I split train so my training is on a schedule which also helps keep things organized. Again, a personal trainer can help you set this all up for the long term.

Hunny, it is time to pick up the METAL..


On to the booty..

  • Full Low Bar Back Squat: To do a full low bar back squat you are going to need a barbell. If you have never done this before, I recommend using something really light until you get the hang of things and perfect form. Take the barbell, and place it two centimeters below the shoulder blades. Take a wide stance, a little bit wider than shoulder width apart and keep your “eyes on the prize.” Bring the hips down and back and drive up through the hips. That is the basis of the Full Low Bar Back Squat, watch this video to see a demonstration:
Full Low Bar Back Squat is a squat most of us do not do, I did not use them in my workout until I started googling ways to be able to increase the weight I use in my squat + also as easy to get a different stimulus while squatting. Using a Full Low Bar Back Squat puts less pressure on your lower back and helps you squat a bit lower vs. a high bar squat (olympic squat). This advantage benefits a squatter looking to add more weight to the bar because of the increased leverage and the increase of activation of the hamstrings + glutes. TO perform the low bar squat you place the barbell across your rear deltoids (back of the shoulder) or about 2 cm. below your shoulder blades vs. the traditional squat which is placed on top of your trapezius muscles.

someone call the booty police…


Rock this workout 3-4 rounds with a 1 minute rest in between each repeat and new exercise..SQUAT ON SISTA

I created this workout for a BOOTY BURN so expect your booty to be ON FIRE once you complete this workout. Again, if you are new to squatting work on proper form and do not focus so much on the weight you are lifting, that will come later. Build strength throughout your kinetic chain for injury prevention and a STRONG body. The first two exercises are exercises I do before any type of leg day, squats without any weight to get my muscles stretched out and ready to take on some weight lifting action +  Mountain Climbers to get my heart rate up, my abdominals engaged and my arms nice + strong. It is dangerous to lift weights without a strong kinetic chain. Although I am not working out my arms, I need my arm muscles to lift so as I say “MAKE EVERYTHING COME ALIVE” before lifting. Rock this workout + comment and let me know how it went!

If you would like to add an inner thigh workout to the mix check out this previous post: THIGH TRIMMIN WORKOUT

What is your favorite type of squat exercise?

Mine right now is goblet squats because I feel like a little munchkin once I get all the way down + the BURN afterwards is KILLER!

Do you lift weights?

I am obsessed, as you can tell, and have turned many women onto weight lifting! Most people do not believe me when I say I can press more than I weigh, they literally ask for proof 🙂