Happy Holidays!

I am grateful for..


What can I say? I LOVE sharing information and helping women SHINE! I think 2013 should be a year where women dig deep inside themselves, pull out all the negative and start living a postivie and confident lifestyle. Time to throw on some red lipstick, dress up, exercise, eat right and get motivated to achieve your goals!

The most amazing husband, best friend, soul mate, partner and love of my life.

Ladies looking for a man in their lives..find one who supports, loves and trusts you. When two people love each other nothing else matters. Until you find that person, have fun and focus on YOURSELF. As I ALWAYS say you must love yourself before anyone else can love who YOU are.

My Family.

Whats a girl without her family. Shaped me, loved me and showed me how to live in this crazy world.

My Girls.

A girl is nothing without her girls. I love these women with all that I am and love all the fun times we spend together.

The fact I experienced living in paradise for ONE year.

 My Ninja Slow Cooker (grab my tips here)

This baby got me through THANKSGIVING DINNER

the best slow cooker

Need a few recipe ideas:

Pumpin Pie Muffins 

Brussels Sprouts

Want to make sure those LBS. stay far away?

Check out my Video on Holiday Survival Tips

In town this weekend? Need to learn how to keep those lbs. off and still eat?

If you have not already signed up: I am hosting a MEETUP crew in West Hollywood and would LOVE for you to join me 🙂

The first MEETUP will be at:

Address: West Hollywood Library located at 625 N. San Vicente Boulevard (at Melrose)

Cost: FREE

When: Sunday,November 25th

What:Nutrition Discussion, Grocery Lists and a Quick Fat Burning Workout you can do at home with nothing more than a Yoga Mat

Join the STAR group as I discusses Nutrition and how to stay healthy while working full time. I will be shareing some secrets and handing out grocery lists to participants interested in making a healthy lifestyle simple, time effective and tasty!

RSVP to hang out with me at the brand NEW West Hollywood Library! All you need is a pen, paper, a yoga mat, and a STAR SHINING ATTITUDE 🙂

Feel free to bring friends, just make sure to RSVP so I have enough grocery lists.

Who’s enjoying BLACK FRIDAY?